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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
a memorial Memorial Day weekend!
What a crazy weekend! We started out with a little PHH on Friday night. Took a slight breather on Saturday, and then Sunday the party started!
For my birthday, we had a two-part party. Sunday night was the Hollywood half, and Monday day was the Hermosa half.

So. Sunday.
The big excitement for me was my brother showing up. I see him about once a month up is San Fran, and every few months in OC, but is extremely rare to see him in the South Bay, let alone party with him. Good times!

We went out for dinner at Club Sushi on the Hermosa Pier. Despite the 'reservation,' we ended up waiting for like half an hour, and then had to get all the food to go because we had to get to Hollywood. But despite that, it was a TON of fun, with good friends getting together and stories shared. I got a bunch of sweet presents, too! Yay!

After dinner, we drove up to Downtown LA to go to Club 740. This club i basically one huge dance floor. It used to be an old theater (the ones with the plays, not a movie theater), and it was renovated as a club. We had a slew of drinks, and the dancing ensued. We partied hard till' 3, and then went home for a lil' shuteye before day two of the party.

Woke up the next morning & hit the beach! It was a fan-DOUBLE-tastic day at the beach; the sky was clear, it was super sunny, and there was almost no wind. We spent the day basking in the sun and playing volleyball. The 5 gallon container of margarita mix went pretty quickly, as everyone was having a great time. A bunch of red-snapper fish tacos fried up for the feast, and the day was perfect.

Once the sun set, we wrapped up camp and i headed off to Manhattan Beach for dinner with the fam.
All in all, a wonderful birthday. Thanks to everyone that came and made the day(s) special. I can't wait to turn 28! (but not too soon, of course)

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Volleyball Princess  posted on  Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good for you, Marek. I'm glad you had a good time.

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