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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
a new state of affairs
I like traveling, but not too often. Occasionally, when work requires me to travel, i fly on up to Oakland, California for some testing. It's nice up there, not too far from San Francisco, and i get a chance to visit my brother. Tomorrow, however, i have been assigned a new travel destination: Austin, Texas. I have never been to Texas, but one of my life goals is to visit every state and spend some quality time there. I used to think that all you had to do to officially 'visit' a state was to pee somewhere in the state. But as i have grown, i realize a little bit more effort is required to check that state off of the list. I'm only there for two days, but perhaps i'll get a chance to see a bull rider and eat a 5lb steak. Yeee ha!

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Sameer  posted on  Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hehe nice take dude, but I would still believe that some sort of receipts is to be given to the artist. it may be his earning source and if people blatantly copy his/her work for free, he is not going to earn that income.

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