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Monday, December 6, 2004
big bugs
This past weekend, one of my buddies from New York, came down for a visit. Mike actually grew up in Maine. Nonetheless, during our random bar hopping, he recalled his exploits from a few summers back. He told me of how he got his lobster license, purchased 5 used lobster traps, and became an official 'lobsterman.' Two times a week he would go out and check his traps, and on an average bring in 15 to 20 large lobsters a week. Spin your head! I was SO exited about this that i demanded all the details. Considering a fresh 2lb lobster will run you over $30 at the Redondo Beach Pier, this is an excellent idea! I have decided to become a bona fide California Lobsterman. Let the adventure begin!!

Mike and a 6 lb. California Spiny Lobster

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