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Thursday, April 20, 2006
illicit profit
So i was reading an article about how China is selling organs of executed prisoners for organ transplants. Big surprise, i know. Well, the Chinese government is 'criticizing' this practice and says it will 'tighten' restrictions on such activities, but they say that it will be extremely difficult because the practice is so lucrative.
So that brings me my next point. Why is pretty much everything that is 'lucrative' illegal? I mean seriously. Think about it. Here are a few more examples:
- selling drugs
- insider stock trading
- misappropriating company funds
- selling imported medication from other countries
- prostitution
- being a spy

It seems to me that any time someone figures out a way to make some money BAM! it's illegal. I think there is some big government conspiracy to keep us all poor and working our buts off!

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