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Monday, March 20, 2006
crazy - but not enough to go to meetings...
Ok, here’s a quick update on my life. Holy friggin’ wild! The last four days have been nothing but parties, parties, and more parties.
WILD I tell you! Lets see here. A quick recap:

Thursday night – TNDC!!!!
Hennessey’s tavern - a lil’ pre-Irish day drinking
meeting new people (of course)
confirmed a new home for mr. Mark! Yay!
Crazy Guinness costume thievery conspiracy. - FAILED

Friday - St. Patrick’s day!!!!
Green necklaces, green clothes, green beer, green everything!
Making crazy many new friends – volleyball players and (blech) local skanks!
Tried to meet with EVERYBODY on the planet, but failed miserably….. sorry Emm :(
Lots of bar hopping, crazy long lines, house parties in the (almost) 90210 house
Marky moose and that’s it, I’m sick of lines
Falling asleep in my car because (ahem –> Irish Erin) fell asleep and didn’t hear me knocking
Waking up in my car @ sunrise! Yea!

Saturday - Do I need a reason?
Still felt festive so…. a margarita and then Green hair!
Tried to meet some friends at the beach for lunch but I kind of overshot that by like two hours
Had to forfeit my backpack at the door to dragon, so didn’t have my phone – sorry john!
Crazy CRAZY dollar beers! The tables were never short of the wonderful brew
Illinois lost – you’ll get over it bill
Flip cup – don’t play it in the wind…
Like TNDC but all over again! Yea yea
Around the world house party!!

Rolled out of bed around 1pm, and tried to eat a bowl of cereal with the little devil ruining my attempt by dancing all over me, demanding attention, spilling my cereal and of course wwwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
Shoot me now. Why do I have NO voice?
Hollywood calls
Yes, they really ARE ice-skating in the middle of the street!
Bowling in a bar?! Sweet
Is that a pig and a flute? Nope. That’s a whistle... and a bottle of wine
Now I just don’t get it. Why does my head hurt?
Day off on Monday yippee!

I think I need to take a break from taking a break.
Did I mention I am officially in LOVE with the South Bay??!

Hey you, don’t forget to enjoy life a little, eh??

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wild danielle  posted on  Tuesday, May 9, 2006

you're a crazy boy, marky moose. a crazy, crazy boy!

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