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Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Muhammad Cartoons : Opinion Vs Hate
There is a battle being fought right now over the might of belief and the right to express it. A battle between freedom versus feelings. And it is getting out of control.

For those of you that are not aware of what’s going on, check out Yahoo’s latest story.

A few months ago, a Danish newspaper published what newspapers publish dozens of times a day: cartoons.

Cartoons serve as an alternate way to express one’s opinion. They can be family oriented, work related, political, and yes, even religious. But they all have one thing in common: they are never meant to be taken seriously, and are of course the sole point of view of the artist. It is a matter of expression what one draws and a reflection of their views on a certain topic. Most newspapers have commentary sections. They serve as an alternate opinion to the one (if any) presented in the paper. This is not only productive and potentially educational, but allows alternate positions to be examined.

What is going on in Europe and the Middle East is beyond apprehension. It is total chaos stemming from fear and hatred. The Muslims all over the eastern world are rioting because of their belief that Muhammad should not be drawn. No one, they argue, has the ‘right’ to draw their prophet. Hmmm. That’s interesting. And it begs the question.

What rights do they believe someone has? Do women have a right to education, or is that a right solely allowed to men? Do women have the right to be individuals, or must they be completely submissive? Do people have the freedom of choice of religion in a country that imposes Sharia Law? Ahh… Now these questions shed light on the true mindset of the people who believe against freedom in many forms.

Freedom of speech and freedom of opinion are one of the largest dividing factors that separate truly free nations from communistic or barbaric civilizations. Can one be truly free if their choices are limited to what someone says they can or cannot do? And what if the ‘restrictions’ are based on a philosophy that allows absolutely no dissent? What does the Koran require of Muslims to do to non-believers? I don’t know what the answer is, but judging by the events of the last week or so, it’s not ‘make friends.’

The cartoons themselves represent the nature of the Muslim religion. The direct definition of ‘Islam’ is ‘submission,’ and as such, I guess we really can’t be surprised at their response. Islam is not, as most people would have you believe, a religion of peace. Oh! they claim, it’s only the extreme Muslims that believe in Jihad. We are a religion of peace and love, they shout as they hurl Molotov cocktails at embassies, burn flags and effigies, and their leaders cry bloody murder over what? A handful of cartoons?

This past Sunday, on Fox News, Brit Hume got it right:
What is striking about this is what offends these Muslims who are protesting and these imams. Does the slaughter of innocent people in many parts of the world in the name of Allah offend them? Is that a sacrilege worthy of protest? No, not in the least. No, cartoons published five months ago in a -what- for people who live in Gaza and Damascus is an unknown and unheard-of newspaper--that's what's offending them. Not to mention, of course, the kinds of slurs against Christians and against the Jewish faith that are regularly spread abroad in the Arab world by the mass media and by these imams.
This is really a disgrace. And it is a disgrace not least because of the obvious, howling double standard involved here. The really great sins are ignored. And this trivia is protested.
Freedom of speech is absolutely worth fighting for. It doesn’t matter what people say, I support their right to say it. I look at these cartoons, and I find them completely neutral. They’re not especially comical, nor do they inspire any sort of rage. Maybe because I’m not Muslim, and I cannot see this ‘deeper meaning,’ but these have got to be some of the most boring cartoons I have ever seen. Why then, is happening? The fact that the cartoons depict the ‘explosive’ nature of Muslims is actually prophetic, and it seems to me that if there ever was a stereotype that’s absolutely dead on, this is it.

Let us examine a brief Cause –> Effect relationship, and I would like you all to judge which party here is over-reacting. Which group is the one doing the ‘hate mongering’ and who are the victims?

> Bangladeshi Muslims supporters of 'Khelafat Majlish' protest against Western newspapers that published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, in Dhaka, February 7,2006.

> Jordanian Islamists burn Danish and U.S. flags during a protest against Prophet Muhammad's offensive cartoons in Amman, Jordan February 7, 2006.

> Fire burns at a window of the Norwegian Embassy, started with a firebomb thrown by an Iranian protestor in a protest against drawings of Islam's Prophet Muhammad published in European newspapers in Tehran, Iran.

> A group of about 50 protesters Tuesday night hurled stones and firebombs at the Norwegian Embassy in the Iranian capital, marking the second straight day of violent protests against European missions over the publication of caricatures of Islam's prophet.

> Pakistani journalists burn an effigy of the Danish prime minister at a rally in Lahore, Pakistan to condemn publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad in France and Denmark

So what is the lesson here? If you don’t like something someone says, then you have an obligation to hate, assault and firebomb him or her into submission until you get your way, right? RIGHT?!? Wait a second….

But honestly, i believe there is something much more going on here than meets the eye. I think there are very evil forces out there that are promoting a much bigger agenda. What it is, i'm not quite sure....

In addition, Michelle Malkin is an author with a fantastic site that has more news and views on this developing story. check it out.

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Kristie Love  posted on  Monday, February 13, 2006

Hrm, I typically make it a point not share my views on anything people are willing to start wars and/or die for, but I am a walking contradiction, so I never make any sense. This whole "freedom of speech" comes from a document that governs the U.S. only, not any other country. While I too am all for it, I don't really expect a lot of the rest of the world to adopt or understand it since there are places where women are forced to still cover there faces or people (yes men too) are fined a rediculous some of money if they don't vote. (That last point might cause an uproar, but in the U.S. voting is a right, not a requirement). That aside, I assume these people that are rioting are looking at this from a religious aspect. I think most if not all religious groups actively speak out against anything that may poke fun at their beliefs. Religion is basically a foundation most of these people have built a life upon, unlike in the U.S. where I think there is a lot of apathy and people look at sunday service as an obligation or a burden, not something necessary, like lets say eating. Remember when the Last Temptation of Christ came out? The Catholic church through a fit and tried to stop it from ever hitting theatres. Or more recently, the Da Vinci code. Again, this book was readily attacked by the Catholic church who would have, I'm sure, stopped its publication were it invading the writer's freedom of speech. JC to these folks is like a father figure, so to speak. If I were to write a book about him eating people, and it gets published as a work of fiction because clearly (i hope) it isn't true, I think you'ld be slightly hocked off at me. I suppose my point is I understand why they are mad. Heck, Republicans get mad at political cartoons published by liberal papers and yell "false!" all the time. I do think it seems silly in our eyes because they are reacting in violent ways. Keep in mind they are in countries where unfortunately your voice isn't heard unless you make a big fuss. I'd say that we in the U.S. are just as guilty of this silly behavior, but we pick money over violence and are incredibly sue happy. You get burned by coffee? Sue! Somebody said you have an eating disorder? Sue because you have a rep to maintain! There we go, thats my 2 cents. :)

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