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Thursday, December 29, 2005
A little magic on Monroe St.
One of my favorite movies as a kid was Disney's "Bed knobs and Broomsticks." Its about a woman in WWII that is taking care of two displaced children. She turns out to be a witch (a good witch, course) and ends up taking the children on a magical adventure. Wonderful. She also manages to fly broomsticks, large beds, and turn herself into a cat.

What reminded me of this movie is that toward the beginning, they show the Germans invading numerous countries. In England, where the story takes places, a man is painting over road signs with black paint. It turns out that the Brits are being just plain spiteful; this action is meant to completely confuse and disorient the invading forces because they won't know where they are. As for the locals, well, they better have a good memory.

So i find myself lost in my buddy Chad & nicks apartment complex. They say they live on Monroe St. I look around and i see that i am indeed on that street. I come to an intersection, and low and behold, i see this:

Turns out that every single street in this apartment complex is named Monroe. Ha! Just a wee bit confusing, don't ya think? Let alone completely un-original.
At least they didn't turn me into a cat.

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