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Monday, November 14, 2005
Pour me another!
For those of you who think the alcohol arena has been fermenting (ha he heee) for too long, here is some news of note!

A new company has entered the beer market : Laminar Technologies LLC. They are touting a brand new (and well over-due) beer tap.

"While home users are not concerned with better sales, they are drawn by the same attributes that attracted businesses: pints poured in about two seconds - what the company claims is up to four times faster than a normal tap - and keg yield up to 30 percent better than regular.

Because the tap smoothes the pouring process, there is a regulated amount of foam, a lot of which normally goes down the drain in the quest for the perfect head. Efficient pours can mean up to 20 more beers per keg even for people who have no experience pulling beer, the company says.

Tiny wings inside the tap keep the fluid moving in a steady "laminar flow" - thus the company name - which allows beer to move more quickly through fatter tubes without causing excessive foaming. The elongated, tapered tap fills cups from the bottom, preventing gravity from taking over and causing a foamy splash."

AP Article is here , and company website is here.

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