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Sunday, November 6, 2005
paaak the caa in haavad yaad
Just got home from Boston today. What an awesome trip! Started Friday night by meeting up with my high school buddy David Stifter who i hadn't seen in over two years. Went out to Whiskeys and got caught up on life and everything else. Sweet time! The next morning we went on the Boston Duck Tour. This thing was fantastic!

So this is a WWII army amphibious vehicle that has been put to use as a tour bus of sorts. Out tour guide dressed up in desert army gear and maintained strict discipline on his 'ship' PT409. He was hilarious and very informative. We went around town in Boston and had a grand time. Then we just drove into the Charles river and checked out the sights. Once that was over we just went right back on land and continued on. I learned SO much history about not just Boston, but the revolutionary war and a host of other facts.

For example, not many people know that half of Boston is land fill. That's right. Two hills were taken down to fill in the 'back bay' area of Boston in a move that doubled its size. Funny, it's still way too small!

Well, after that i high tailed it over to the Boston College Law School Church where my best buddy from RPI was getting married! This was, after all, the reason for my trip. Dan 'the man Gillian' Monahan was not only my big brother in the house, but also: my right hand man in water polo, cunning chess chap, AOE fiend, summer Troy resident, and best of all, one of my bestest buddies at RPI.
The wedding was a smash success and after a few tears, the vows were said and the lovely Cecilia Galeota was an official Monahan.

The reception was also fantastic. Lots of dancing and some very moving speeches. There was an open bar which served to liven the mood quite a bit!

Everyone was getting their swing on, and having a fantastic time. Next thing i knew, its was 11pm and the wedding was over. Dan and his bride drove off to their honeymoon in San Palo, an island in some fantastic tropical location, i'm sure. green with envy.....

But the night was just beginning! A large crowd of singles all went out to the Black Rose.
The two story bar was awesome! Packed like sardines it was, but the beer was flowing and we were meeting people left and right. Many fine young ladies attended, and many fine pairs of breasts were oogled.
I can't wait to go back; i absolutely love the east coast. And every time i go there i get reminded why.

Only the best in Boston.

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Konrad  posted on  Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Did you go to work on Monday?

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