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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Boooo! Happy Halloween!!
Last night was the sweetest Halloween party I’ve ever been to!
Check out this picture of all the cool people dressed up.

That stud in the Savage costume? Wearing the red Speedo and the grass skirt?!? Oh yea, that's me. And to my left is my buddy's Tink, and to my right is a very sexy devil. Rawr. And all the way to the right is ma bro Kuba dressed as a biker. Very cool.

The party was awesome, and everyone had a TON of fun, and even more to drink. I mean, i don't even remember having Coronas that night!

All i can say, is that if you don't celebrate life, you will never appreciate the gifts you are given.

Thanks 4 the party, Krys!!!

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Volleyball Princess  posted on  Thursday, November 3, 2005

Thanks for the party...but where's my picture!!! Wow. What a night! Unforgettable...

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