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Monday, September 19, 2005
the best night EVER
Can you say INSANE weekend?! I can. ready? Insane weekend.
Came back from San Fran on Thursday afternoon. Got a call from Greg saying that i was all set to move in. Finally i have a place to live!!!! YIPPIE!!!!. John would be glad to be rid of me. Started moving my stuff. Thursday night went out somewhere with someone, i don't really remember right now. Woke up in my own bed, for the first time in over two weeks. Ahhhh.. Silky soft comforter and wonderful sheets of Egyptian cotton.... heaven. but only for a moment.
I started running errands around 10am, and didn't stop till 5pm. What errands, you may ask? Well preparing for Friday night, of course! The occasion? John's 25th birthday. Now i know that birthdays are not that important to some people. But they are to me. And what's more, is that a 25th birthday is a BIG deal! Mine wasn't too exciting, but i wasn't gonna let that happen to my buddy john. Oh no. He was going to get the full five star treatment. Here's the story.

I've been planning this for weeks. John comes up to me and tells me he wants to go out on his birthday (no duh!). I squirm and say, hey, i can't make it. I tell him with my sister's baby and such, my parents want me home on Friday night. I also persuade some other friends to say they won't be able to make it either. Needless to say, John is not a happy camper. Then comes Natasha. His new girlfriend. She was my inside source. She tells him she wants to take him out to dinner on his birthday. Grumbling, and with nothing else to do, he accepts. YES! The wheels are in motion.

I get a dozen of our close friends, and my new roommate Greg to meet in Hermosa Beach at Blue 32. Five minutes later, in walks Nairobi with John. Surprise! He is absolutely dumfounded! Excited and giddy, he realizes that he's been duped. I present him with a purple top hat which he must wear throughout the night. After all, he is the birthday boy.

Now normally that would have been enough. A surprise gathering of friends for the evening. But anyone who knows me, i mean really knows me, should realize that this is just plain not enough. My motto is: "go big or go home". And go big we did. We 'suddenly' get kicked out of our table at the bar. Hmmm.. How convenient. It's pretty crowded, so we wander outside. And low and behold, what is waiting for us there? Why, its a Beautiful White Stretch Hummer Limo!!!

Coming outside, John jokes and says "hey guys, is this for me?" When we say yes, it takes him a moment to realize that we are actually NOT joking. He just about pees his pants from excitement! He is absolutely awestruck. It was great!
We get in the limo and the night starts. Inside the limo the hip-hop’s pumpin’ and the neon lights are flashin’. Even Jay-Z himself doesn’t travel in this much style!

He is so happy, and keeps kissing his girl Natalie. I tell him we have yet another surprise for him. Not believing the night could possibly get better, i whip out a pair of two foot tall bottles of Belvedere Vodka, and two bottles of Hypnotic, both his favorite drinks.

He is now so beyond elated, that he is speechless. We all start singing happy birthday and sto lat. Out come the shot glasses and the night has officially begun with a bang.
The first stop is 'The Space' in Santa Monica. This club has a HUGE dance floor and it's 80's night. There is no one dancing when we get there at 9:30. Within seconds, our entire group is on the floor tearing it up. We were SO the life of the party!

John gets out there and teaches us all the fantastic farmer’s dance. A bit later, Spicole and the band comes on and then the rest of the club hits the dance floor. The band was super, but time flies and we're off to the next club.
This one was called 'Three Clubs' and it was also 80's night. It was quite crowded, and our reserved table was super tiny. So, on the dance floor we go. And then Christina discovers the couch. Within moments, five of us are jumping up and down on the couch to the music. It felt like when you parents were gone and you would go and sneak onto their bed and just jump around for hours. It was awesome!

We left and hit the last club, 'King King.' This club was trance/house music and was a perfect change to the previous ones. We all started whipping out our techno moves and doing the robot. Even RJ had a swinging good time. Great, great, great.

I should mention that we had VIP access to all these clubs, and NO waiting in line! Yea! So the club didn't close at 2am like all the others, and remained open to well past three. Good for us! More dancing, drinking, and plenty of techno!

A little while later, we hop in the limo and arrive back in Hermosa Beach, where we part and go our separate ways. The limo driver Tony was super cool, and made the evening perfect. This has got to be one of the BEST nights ever.
Happy Birthday John!!!

But the weekend isn’t over. I hop in a car with Tom, John, and Naynay, and we drive down to San Diego. We stop over in Oceanside for a quick surf, and then go down to Tierraserra for a party. I call some friends and find out that Mr. Jon Eaton (aka. Frott) lives like two blocks away! Yes! So he meets up with us at this party. The girls there were absolutely SMOKIN’!! I haven’t seen such talent in a very, VERY long time. It was dress up-theme party, and oh boy. There was quite a bit of dressing, all right. There was a referee, a Daisy Duke, numerous nurses (my favorite being Dr. Anita Lay), and even a sexy looking cop.
WOW is all I can say.

The night ended too soon, and we went back to Frott’s place to continue the fun. Or so I though. Everyone immediately passed out, while Jon and I got to talking. Until 6am! It was good catching up. Frott wakes up with a present on his pillow, and we torture his roommates dog for a bit.

Afterwards, the four of us head back up to LA, detouring at IHOP for a very gay, sausage-ey filled breakfast, and end up stopping at Encinitas for a wee bit more surfing. There was no current this time, so the surfing was sweet.
Then we parted once again. I went to a dinner party for my brother at nick's place, and ended up getting home at 11pm. Holy cow, was this one crazy weekend. It will take an act of God to possibly have a weekend that compares to this one.

Fun has officially been re-defined.
Welcome to my world.

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Volleyball Princess  posted on  Monday, September 19, 2005

Marek, you did an AMAZING job planning Friday night. I had such a great time. The next party has got to be really creative to top this one!

Birthday Boy  posted on  Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've always had bad luck with b-days. I moved around alot when I was younger, and my b-day was always at the beginning of the school year, before I ever made any friends at the new schools. My 21st b-day I spent alone at an airport b/c of Sept. 11, 2001. And to top it all off, I AM one of those people that thinks b-days are really special. This was the best b-day anyone could ever ask for. You are a true friend, and earned yourself a spot in my wedding. And thanks for writing all this up. Now I can Copy/Paste it into all the emails I plan to send.

Samurai Sam  posted on  Wednesday, September 28, 2005

nice. Very nice.

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