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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Transporter 2
Last night i got the sweet opportunity to see the pre-screening of Transporter 2. Oh yea. Word out to my 'Hollywood Connection.' The movie was sweet. Jason Satham did an excellent job of beating the CRAP out of all the bad guys while keeping (for the most part) his suit clean. The action was non-stop, offering many exciting fight sequences. My two favorites were the Hospital Fight Scene, and the Fire Hose Fight Scene. Immensely creative.
On the downside, there were a few things that detracted from the film. Some of the scenes were so unrealistic, that you could hardly believe the director was trying to get away with it. For example, the business jet flying at over 200 miles an hour crashing into the ocean should have completely disintegrated, yet everyone survives. And my biggest pet peeve has definitely got to be the villainess played by Katie Nauta. She may have had a great outfit, but they couldn't have found an uglier actress if they glued dead worms to a corpse.
Overall, its a solid action movie and great for entertainment. I give it an A-

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