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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Commotion on the Ocean
Oh. My. Goodness.
I just had the most INSANE party of my life! It started out at Sharkeez in Hermosa. Ma party girl Shannon and i stared it off with a couple of bloody mary's at 11 in the morning. Noon came super quick, and we got the Pub Club crew together and headed off to the bus.

As soon as we sat down, out came the bottles and the REAL good time started! Consequently, Albertsons was having a booze blowout, so 6 packs of Smirnoff Ice were only $2.50! The bus drove down to Long Beach where we boarded a boat towards Catalina! The trip was awesome. The sky was super clear, and the temp was just right.
Lots of fun, meeting people, and more crazy drinking ensued.

The half-empty bottles even sounded like fog horns!

Then we arrived at Avalon. They let us off, and we went straight to the bars! Luau Larry's 'buffalo bill' drinks were spectacular, Shannon & i hopped 3 bars within an hour, and then decided to grab some food at the last one.

We met up with some people from the boat and had ourselves a pow-wow. All of a sudden, they checked their watches, and take off. It was 5pm, and time to get back on the boat. I was still hungry so i kept eating, not really computing what was going on. Then Shannon went to use the facilities. She comes back and asks where everyone went. I stop halfway into my bite of the guy's burrito who took off, and look outside. There i see our boat. I see it LEAVING THE DOCK! I scream, and grab Shannon’s hand, and bolt towards the door, all the while trying to breathe cuz i'm choking on the food.
I've never ran out on a bill before, but at this point i was wasted, and my ride was a bit more important, considering i was on an ISLAND. We run towards the dock screaming at the top of our lungs. The entire population of Avalon stopped what they were doing to stare at the crazy drunk couple running top speed in sandals towards the ocean. We couldn't miss the BOAT!! I threw off my shirt and was just about to jump into the water and swim after the party boat before whatever was left of my soberness brought me back to reality. Our other party people were all singing 'Bye, bye, baby' in unison and waving. The situation looked bleak.
I surveyed the scene. The next dock over had a Catalina Flyer, but there was a long line at the ticket booth. Then i saw it. The next dock over. A parasailing speedboat was getting ready for their next trip. I grabbed my fellow stranded drinker, and we ran for the boat with wild faces and blood-shot eyes. The driver saw us running toward his boat and probably thought we were gonna mug him. We hopped on, and i told the guy we would give him $40 CASH to chase down the party boat, which was slowly disappearing into the distance. He grinned, and said 'Hold on.' He threw the jet boat into FULL throttle and we were off. It seriously felt like something straight out of James Bond. I was on the bow of the boat, crouched and pointing at out target. It was awesome!!! We had no problem catching up with the slow party boat and pulled up along side of it. We hopped on amongst cheers from our party mates at our un-bridled persistence. We found out later that there was a group of about five people that had completely missed the boat. Too bad for them! Back to Long Beach.

Upon arrival, we went to the Mai Tai bar and had some more drinks.

Back to the bus. We get off and go straight to Sharkeez for some more parting. It's about 10pm now, and Shannon is totally wasted. She just wants to go home. At first i gave her directions, as her eyes were wandering all over, and sent her off with the key. Then i realized that was probably not the best thing in the world. I hopped on my bike and tore after her. A few minutes later i caught up with her. Sure enough, she had fallen off the bike, and scraped up her arm pretty bad. It was pretty darn funny, at the time. We got back to my place and were instantly out. She woke up about a haf dozen times during the night to relieve her over-burdened tummy from the contents of that days take. I didn't wake up until 10 this morning. What a wild, wild day, afternoon, and night. :) The coolest part is that since this was the first Commotion of the Ocean, they were recording a DVD for promotional purposes so they could advertise the fun. And we’re gonna be in it!! Yeah, baby!!

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Mexicano  posted on  Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Which one is Shannon?

mr. obvious  posted on  Tuesday, May 9, 2006

the hot one, of course.

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