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Thursday, June 16, 2005
video Hacking
CVS is selling 'disposable' video cameras that hold 20 minutes of video for $30. After it's full, you're supposed to take it back and they burn you a DVD for an additional $15. That could get expensive. However, there currently is a massive underground effort to hack these recorders so they can be used like a digital camera: you just download the video to your PC. How awesome would that be? They're really small and include a 2” LCD screen as well. No one wants to take a $400 camcorder on a snowboarding trip, but one of these would be perfect! I'm just gonna have to go and pick up one of these badboys myself. Let the hacking commence!

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MarkyMark  posted on  Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well, i've finally bought two of these puppies : one for myself and one for my sister. Apparently, there are people a LOT smarter out there than me that have figured it out. Follow the Hacking
Let me add that this is completley legeal too. I'll keep you posted!

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