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Monday, June 6, 2005
Breathe Like a Fish
A bunch of years ago, i took a scuba diving course and became NAUI certified. I love diving, and find it to be a very exciting and relaxing activity. However, i have not been diving even once since i finished the class. Now i live within three blocks of a Dive N' Surf shop. But i still haven't gone. What is the main reason? It is cumbersome and complicated. Dragging heavy air tanks to and from the beach, hooking up buoyancy vests, and donning wet suits are all a pain in the neck. Should there be an easier way, i would defiantly be more inclined to dive. Now it appears there is. An Israeli Inventor has developed a fish gill like apparatus based on negative pressure to extract air from water, thus allowing a human to dive simply and for extended periods of time.
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I can't wait to be able to just throw on a pair of fins, goggles, and a vest and be able to dive freely!!

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Steve  posted on  Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Actually you havn't been diving once since you finished the class because YOU NEVER PICKED UP YOUR NAUI CERTIFICATION CARD!!! you dolt! :) I believe you went off to NY for school and never got it from good 'ol Capt. Johnston

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