~  Meow.  ~
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
I met death today
i met death today
he looked me in the eyes
his bony fingers stretched out to me
wanting to claim his prize

i met death today
he shrugged, saying 'maybe not just yet'
he flashed his evil grin at me
it'll be soon, he bets

my guardian angel is watching
she refuses to let me go
ever vigilant she is
why, she won't let me know

there is still something left to do here
a little bit of good
be true to myself and others
i know that i should

i met death today
he turned to walk into the mist
taking out his pen,
with blood, he added me to the list

i met death today
he left on me his mark
one day he'll be back, i know
and forever take me into the dark

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